My work results from an ongoing investigation of everyday surroundings. Various ephemera within the mid-western landscape fuel my visual language—seasonal shifts, effects of light, sounds, aromas, and shapes.

My creative process relies heavily on a daily drawing practice—I draw at night, before sleep. I do this to record instances of the day from memory—color relationships, patterns, movements, juxtaposition of form. As a result, my work feels reminiscent of the world and the bits of information I collect.

I cultivate my sensory experience with the outdoors by walking. The most recent paintings and drawings are in response to a hike across Wisconsin via the Ice Age National Scenic Trail. Their elements have been gleaned from eastern and southern portions of the state, primarily the Northern and Southern Kettle Moraine, and include late morning streams of light, huge fungi, funky canoe gardens, erratics, snakes and storms.

— Letha Kelsey